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David plays drums incredibly, with an amazing fluid technique, a precise light touch, and a calm and peaceful manner that belies the strength and endurance that resides below the surface. He also plays other sound sources such as meditation bowls in his performance.

I must say he left the whole audience, including myself and all the other well known drummers in nothing less than a trance. When he was done, he received a well deserved standing ovation.
Michael Shrieve (original drummer for Santana)

...he has incredible facility and what is even more amazing is the unique way of interpreting classic drum licks from the great masters to make them his own.
Danny Seraphine (drummer for Chicago)
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Mona Foma Festival 2018

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David Jones returns to Mona Foma Festival 2018 David returns to Mona Foma with 2 eclectic projects: Stillness, A Man and One Instrument and Zappa Recital with Italy’s Alessandra Garosi and Melbourne’s Adam Simmons.  Stillness, A Man and One Instrument [...]

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