Gear Setup


David proudly plays Ludwig Drums


Ludwig Legacy kit

A 14” x 5” Legacy Snare Drum
B 14” x 6” Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum
C 8” x 7” Legacy Tom Tom
D 10” x 8” Legacy Tom Tom
E 12” x 9” Legacy Tom Tom
F 16” x 14” Legacy Tom Tom (with legs, not stand)
G 18” x 16” Legacy Tom Tom (optional to the set up)
Plus 22″ x 18″ Legacy Bass Drum



H 13” Fusion Hihat
I 12” Rocktagon Hihat
J 10” HH (stacked on top of I)
K 10” HH Splash
L 18” El Sabor Crash (or 18” Artisan Crash)
M 21” Vintage Ride Cymbal (or 22” Artisan Light Ride)
N 16” HH Thin Crash (or 17” Ozone Crash)
O 20” HHX China

P Wuhan 20″ Splash Gong

Evans Drumheads

G1 Coated for second snare
Power Centre Reverse Dot Coated for main snare
G2 Coated for all Toms
EQ1 or EMAD for bass drum

Pedals and Hardware

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David Jones Signature Stick
available on request from drum stores worldwide