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World-class drums for your music

Go next level by adding drum tracks from Master-Drummer David Jones

David Jones is ready to support your music-making with a great drum track.

For decades David was first-call drummer in Melbourne on countless recordings including jingles, album tracks, film and documentary soundtracks and soundscapes. His musicality and technical mastery are world-class.

David is now setup in a beautiful studio space to record drums for your song, instrumental or any project you have in mind. 

“I just send him an MP3 and a few text notes and … magic happens.”  – Guy Strazz

With his great sounding studio, and the brilliant Earthworks DK7 drum microphones, David will add his special flavour to take your music to the next level. His DW Collectors Kit and Meinl Cymbals sound awesome. Not to mention a shed-load of exotic percussion (untuned). Tuning his kit to your music adds another level of excellence.

You can tell David exactly what you want in the drum track, or leave it up to his musical ear.

“His ideas and musical concepts are spectacular… he helped make my vision a reality”  Jessica Page

The stems David sends you will be highest quality without any effects or EQ.  

Available in 24 bit/48 Hz.

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“He came in on two of my projects and took them into the stratosphere with his layered textures and superb feel for filling in the colours of the songs.”  Ernest Aines

He understands all styles, has an enormous percussive palette and brings a magical connection of emotion, and spiritual depth.”   John McAll

Always in search of ‘what might work best here?’   The spirit of the project, of the work, really matters to David”    Sam McNally

That’s not to say the drums take over though… they truly support the project. The drums are tuned to your piece… the perfectionism and mastery is unparalleled.  There is nothing you can say, except that David Jones is world class.” Julia MessengerSinger/songwriter/producer


“Opening up drum and / or percussion stems from David Jones is always like all my Xmas’ have come at once! My heart palpitates with such excitement at the genius that is David Jones. We work remotely which is never an issue. Communication is always clear and easy. David is not only THE best drummer you will EVER find for your music, but he is also kind, genuine and a beautiful person to work with. The Stems are always bounced perfectly, and delivered exactly as you would want them. Also if you want versatility (which I do as I often mix DJ with electronic sounds )… there is not bleed from one to the other – if you wish he will play stems separately. (This of course is not always required). He is the most musical drummer I know. The drums FEEL your music… and come into it… and give it the life you feel when you write the track. His drumming is spot on, and not only that, it’s emotive. He has a musical understanding that goes beyond the norm, with a masterful technique to back that up. That’s not to say the drums take over though… they truly support the project. The drums are tuned to your piece… the perfectionism and mastery is unparalleled.  There is nothing you can say, except that David Jones is world class. From David I have received straight ahead jazz, not so straight ahead jazz, pop drum kits, cinematic orchestral hits, percussion etc. For ANY style.. ANY thing.. look no further.”
Julia MessengerSinger/songwriter/producer

”David is an absolutely extraordinary talent, his creative genius is invaluable, there is no doubt in my mind he is the best drummer in Australia. He came in on two of my projects and took them into the stratosphere with his layered textures and superb feel for filling in the colours of the songs. He was a brilliant communicator of ideas, and it was lovely to have his warm and grounded presence in the studio. Would work with him again and again”
Ernest AinesSingerSongwriter

“I have known David for close to 30 years and had the pleasure of recording with him more times than I can count.

It has always been a unique and extraordinary experience every-time, because what David brings to the music first and foremost, is a strikingly musical and skilful performance, and furthermore his sound and energy is deeply embedded with a quality that is uplifting, engaging and memorable. And let’s not forget, that there is no percussion sound that he cannot conjure up :)”
Evripides Evripidou Bass player / multi-instrumentalist / Producer / Composer and Studio owner

“In my opinion, and having had the honour of making music with David Jones many times over the years, I believe he is one of the world’s finest percussionists/artists. And this across musical genres. Part of his extraordinary gifts include a deeply sensitive attitude toward his fellow human beings. He is a person and an artist for all seasons.
Dr Tony GouldAustralia’s First Professor of Jazz – Monash University

“I have worked with David for many years and his contributions to my music have always been rich and rewarding. He’s the most musical percussionist that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. A better sound, a more rounded experience for the listener, everything sounds better once David has done his magic. Wonderful percussion and great drum sounds make more beautiful music recordings and happy listeners.”  
Sambodhi Prem Composer / Guitarist and producer

“For me, working with David Jones is a real pleasure, both professionally, and at a musically spiritual level. Great drummer as he is, it is his outstanding musicality that shines through my compositions/recordings; I just send him an MP3 and a few text notes and next thing magic happens. His communication skills are excellent as is the production aspect from his Sanctuary Studio. I unreservedly recommend David to anyone looking for an amazing musician and recording drummer-percussionist.”
Guy StrazzComposer / Guitarist / Producer / Educator

“I have such a great respect for David as an artist, after first recording with him and Charles Fischer (Savage Garden, Divinyls etc) I recognised his great skill, artistry and also what a great human being his is. I was in my early 20’s and he made such an impact that 15 years later when I had enough cash to record my 3rd Album he was the guy I got. I have so much respect for David that I actually wrote two of the songs with him in mind. Knowing I was going to use David on drums I knew that I could take the music anywhere I wanted. He’s such a great communicator, he helped make my vision a reality through me miming drum parts and singing and a lot of ‘what would you do David? What do you think would be good?’ His ideas and musical concepts are spectacular. Even thinking about it now I’m smiling and excited, it was the best recording experience of my life, it may even be the best experience of my life. I hate to sound trite but, magical. It was magical. 

I have often discussed David Jones with many of his artistic contemporaries and the excitement to work with him is always universal (I have put together sessions for many artists to record such as Tim Wild from Taxi Ride, Eric McCusker, Bobby Bright) and generally the reaction is ‘We’re getting David Jones!!’ I have passed his number onto them all now for other projects they have. Needless to say, when I am able to get David for a recording session I feel like Santa Clause. I’ve delivered a precious gift that will raise the quality of the work immeasurably. 

I recently talked with Paul Grabowsy about  the admiration he has for David as well, and recently discussed a session they were recording for Simone Waddell and the joy he felt at working with someone he admired so much as a drummer, artist and human being. 

Got to say, if you’re on the fence about David, get him anyway, if you’re not even in the back yard, get him anyway. You’ve only got one life and it’s cheaper by far to record something once and get it right. Getting the beds right is tantamount to having a great recording and delivering your song in the way it deserves, so while you’re at it, get Craig Newman or Phillip Rex on bass as well. Seriously, do it once, do it right, you’ll never record another way again. I sure won’t be. Once you go David you just can’t go back! You realise ‘No! That wasn’t living! Ah the stress! The wasted time! The money down the drain!”
Jessica PageSinger songwriter / Producer

“What can I say that hasn’t been said about the legend that is David Jones?

Having met David many years ago, and being a drummer myself, I have always admired his awesome playing, his professionalism, and the joy he shows as he plays – the smile on the face is infectious.

Recently, I composed and recorded four new songs (world music influenced) and I had no hesitation in asking David to play on all of them – as well as the upcoming four songs.

I was delighted when he said he enjoyed what I’d written and would be pleased to add his magic.

Suffice to say that he nailed all the songs quickly and the pieces achieved a much higher level of class after David had added his own unique feel. 

I would highly recommend David to anyone wanting a superb drummer/percussionist as he is a world class musician.”
John FrancisComposer, Percussionist / drummer, specialising in marimba

“Many people know David as one of the world’s best drummers, one of the great musicians. In our experience working with him we have also found him to be a person of great empathy and sensitivity, who will bring his quality of performance to your particular project and sale of music in the most creative and appropriate way.

David operates his home studio with his partner Carmen on sound engineering and technical duties, so his focus is on playing and hers is on capturing transparent high quality sounds. 

As well as getting great results that will lift and enhance your particular music, you will be working with someone who is fun, fast and a joy to work with.”
Pete Baird and Nicky DeGruchy, Little Oberon, Essence of Place

“Recording with David and Carmen in their custom-built recording studio is a dream. Expertly outfitted, the studio (nicknamed “The Sanctuary”) is set up for simultaneous audio/multi-video recording. 

David & Carmen deliver the whole end-to-end recording package from recording drum/percussion tracks, vocals, compositions, and session tracks, along with editing and mixing. David always delivers excellence quickly & on-schedule, however the experience of recording with him is one of creative & low-stress organization. Whatever the size, shape & sound of your project, it will be in safe hands if you work with David Jones.”
ReVerse ButcherVisual/Virtual Reality Artist

“From many years of recording film scores, and creative jazz works alongside David to live filmed projects and commercial recordings where I have been the producer, David Jones is a consummate recordist and musician.

He understands all styles, has an enormous percussive palette and brings a magical connection of emotion, and spiritual depth.”
John McAll Pianist / Producer

“David Jones is a man with an ordinary name who possesses an extraordinary talent as a drummer, percussionist and music creator. David and I have done an enormous amount of creative work together – from my first album in 1982 and many others since, plus ventures with artists such as Seals & Croft, (guitarists) Tommy Emmanuel and Louie Shelton, Australia’s top male vocalist John Farnham, and many many more. 

What sets David apart is not just his ability to play virtually anything (literally), but a rare ‘visionary’ approach to the music he may be working on at any time – a fundamentally creative way. 

Always in search of “what might work best here?” The spirit of the project, of the work, really matters to David. 

I’ve long considered David Jones not a “drummer” as such, but a very sophisticated musician who happens to play the drums (and a variety of percussion instruments). Because he plays ‘the music’ first, and not ‘the instruments’ first. And, on a professional level, he is concerned with bringing exactly what the artist he’s working with wants or needs, PLUS that bit more of the surprise element. 

Both in live performance and even more so in the recording domain – where precision is key – David Jones has the capacity to bring a genuinely first class creative performance. Suffice to say, I recommend David’s work!”
Sam McNally pianist/keyboardist, recording musician, composer, recording artist, author

“David Jones is a world class drummer. If you are blessed to have the opportunity to work with him, you will indeed be working with the best of the best. Not only is he an incredible, creative, professional, versatile, and experienced drummer and percussionist, he is generous, kind, and attuned to exactly what your music needs. In a world that is increasingly selfish, and cold, David is warmth, love, and peace personified. His character alone shines, which makes his playing and attention to detail even more appreciated. I cannot say enough good words about this amazing artist! I feel so very blessed that he played on my recordings, and when I heard him play live in Sydney with Tommy Emmanuel, and Sam McNally I was blown away. David is both a musical peer, and a friend, and I admire anyone who plays from their spirit and soul, as David intentionally does. He is a GIFT to me, to the world of music, and to the world at large.”
Simone Waddell – Singer/Songwriter/Vocal Coach

“I have had the pleasure of knowing David Jones for the past 20 years both in musical collaborations and as close friends. I have had the opportunity to feature David in my European quintet – performing jazz festivals in Germany. Our collaborations also include online productions. David has a finely tuned recording concept in terms of his technical set up and sound concepts. 

It has always been very easy and David’s quick response during the creative process of recording definitely minimises the overall time factor, and the quality was always excellent. With such an extensive experience of studio recording David provides not only the required material but extra resources to experiment with and an array of original ideas. 

This creative process is a joy and I look forward to many more productions with David and recommended him further whenever I get the chance.”
Prof. Adrian Mears – trombone/Didgeridoo/composer/Educator