Peace Lounge series

Peace_Lounge_2016The Peace Lounge series returns for 2016.

The Peace Lounge – concert experiences to calm, inspire and uplift.

David Jones and the VCA-MCM are presenting the Peace Lounge series for the second year.  This year there are 5 concerts.

David has invited some of Melbourne’s finest musicians to perform, create and collaborate together, making exciting, beautiful and deeply moving music.

Concert 1: Monday 22 August 2016 – 1.10 to 1.55pm at Melba Hall

The Light Quartet – David Jones drums, Mike Johnson harp, Matthew Arnold violin, Evri Evripidou bass

Concert 2: Thursday 1st September 8pm to 9pm at Grant Street Theatre

Third Ear – CD Launch – David Jones drums and percussion, Evri Evripidou bass and FX

Concert 3: Thursday 8th September 8pm to 9pm at Grant Street Theatre

Soundbath Experience – David Jones and Carmen Warrington with special guest Megan Kenny

Concert 4: Thursday 15th September 8pm to 9pm at Grant Street Theatre

David Jones Mini Orchestra – David Jones with Matthew Arnold viola, Xani Colac violin, Michael Conolan cello, Sarah Curro violin, Evri Evripidou bass and FX

Concert 5: Thursday 22nd September 8pm to 9pm at Grant Street Theatre

Peace Collective – David Jones with Fiona Burnett soprano sax, Michael Conolan cello, Evri Evripidou bass and FX, Michael Johnson harp. Megan Kenny flute and keys, Adam Simmons wind instruments, Glenn Taylor cello FX, Carmen Warrington voice

Free Student Concerts prior to each ticketed concert are held at Lionel’s Cafe (which is the Foyer of Grant Street Theatre)

  1. Thursday 1st September 6pm to 7pm – Group 1
  2. Thursday 8th September 6pm to 7pm – Group 2
  3. Thursday 15th September 6pm to 7pm – Group 3
  4. Thursday 22nd September 6pm to 7pm – Group 4No bookings necessary for the 6pm Student Ensembles in Lionel’s Cafe.