For sublime peace and wellbeing


What is a soundbath?

A soundbath is a relaxation session enabling you to access your deep inner peace, and release the accumulated stress in your body and mind.  You can lie down or sit comfortably, close your eyes, settle into stillness, and simply allow the beautiful sounds to wash over you.

What will you experience?

A soundbath is different to a concert and you may sense or perceive the sounds and vibrations in different ways.  Some people feel the sound as a physical pulsation or hum in their body, or as if they are having an inner massage.  Some see vivid colours or mandalas, or feel transported to another place or time.  Emotions may ebb and flow during the soundbath.  Some people describe a feeling of deep connection and oneness.  A soundbath will nourish your body, mind and soul.  Expect to float home afterwards.

What are the benefits?

The Ancients knew of the lasting benefits of pure vibrations.  In our current culture, our minds and nervous systems are over-stimulated by noise-pollution and digital bombardment.  The long pure tones of a soundbath are very soothing and calming, enabling you to release accumulated stress.  A soundbath will leave you with a sense of wellbeing, of feeling relaxed, rebalanced, energised and nurtured.  Your mind-chatter diminishes and you will feel incredibly peaceful, perhaps more peaceful than you’ve felt before.

Will a soundbath heal you?

Some people come hoping for a physical healing. We are not healers or medical practitioners.  However, if you set a clear intention for your session, the soundbath (sometimes referred to as vibrational medicine) may facilitate a shift on an energetic level, and support your body’s own natural ability to heal.

Soundbath facilitators – Carmen and David

CW with bowl         DJ framedrum

Carmen Warrington (BA, DipDA) is a best-selling author, recording artist and civil celebrant.

David Jones is an award-winning drummer/percussionist and composer, and is an Honorary Fellow at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Carmen and David are life-partners who have shared a meditation / vegetarian lifestyle for 23 years. Both are meditation practitioners since 1984.  In 2008 the ABC commissioned them to write and record the “Meditations for Life” series of 8 guided meditation CDs. They’ve been facilitating soundbaths together since 2003.  They play the instruments in a state of karma yoga, or meditation-in-action.

Together they create a beautiful, nurturing atmosphere for your soundbath experience.


Please contact David by email to enquire or book a Soundbath Experience.