Soundbath Meditation in Hawthorn this Saturday evening 21 April

Join David Jones and Carmen Warrington for an evening of sublime Peace and Wellbeing on Saturday 21 April at 7.30pm (doors open 7pm), in Hawthorn.

Bookings and info: please call 0401 167 223 or email

Imagine yourself lying in comfortable clothes, relaxed and ready for your Soundbath. Out of the silence, gentle bells begin. You’re feeling quite peaceful now and the day-to-day world fades as gentle tinkling bells trickle into your awareness. The ethereal music of singing bowls begins to wash over your body and mind. The delicate sound seems to rise out of nowhere and swirl around you, over you and through you as you become fully immersed in the “Soundbath”. Layer upon layer of music from Tibetan bowls (with their rich harmonic overtones), the otherworldly hum and vibration of Alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls, the deep reverberance of Chinese gongs, the hypnotic strings of an Indian drone, interspersed with a serene and calming voice.

This and more you will experience during the blissful 70 minute Soundbath presented by Master drummer/percussionist David Jones and experienced guided meditation facilitator Carmen Warrington.

You may sit or lie down during the evening. If you wish to lie, please bring a mat, blanket and/or cushion with you.

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