Colours of the Drum, 2008

COTD-coverLabel: ABC Classics
Medium: CD & DVD
No. Discs: 3  


Solo drums, beautiful drums, warm drum tones and full-on exhilarating drums: in this double CD master musician David Jones has allowed the drums to shine in all their acoustic glory. From whisper to roar, from gently soothing tones to huge expansive strokes, painting with the brushes, stroking with the sticks, massaging with the mallets – the warmth, depth and tone of David’s drums will ignite the imagination, please the heart, set the foot tapping and the body swaying.

Includes an entertaining bonus DVD (Format PAL All Regions) taking you inside the recording studio.


CD 1 – Ambient: soothing soundscapes

  1. Continuum (Rise and Fall)
  2. Sympathetic Hihats
  3. Search through the Ages (Flight)
  4. Kalimba Dreaming (for Margaret and Kath)
  5. One Brush Dancing
  6. Japanese Garden (Tribute to Japan)
  7. Jazz Brushes
  8. Forest Walk (Walking over the Hill)
  9. 21
  10. Space in Time (Answer Phrase)
  11. Welcome Change (Gentle Thunder)
  12. The Ocean
  13. Circles

CD 2 – Bold and bright: energising drumscapes

  1. One Long Note
  2. Ancient Dance
  3. Majesty
  4. Cheeky Cowbell (for Chicot)
  5. Dance of Four Hands
  6. Urban Stride
  7. Layers of Groove
  8. Just Three Notes
  9. Reason to Meditate…
  10. Layers of 2 and 5
  11. Moving Energy
  12. Set It Free!
  13. Travelling

Reviews and Testimonials-

“More a note of thanks for your latest recordings! I really love the whole concept- and find the DVD really interesting…The visuals show everything with real clarity -great positioning of the shots- and the relaxation follows of the general ambience of the production -no hard sell- but white hot artistry- great musical sounds- impeccably recorded with just the right amount of explained presentation”
-Barry Quinn, acclaimed Melbourne percussionist (prev. with BBC Symphony and principal of MSO) 

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