David Jones & Friends


meditations02This beautiful recording examines the state of love and unity using a wide variety of musicians and instrumentation. The recording of this album was facilitated by Brahma Kumari meditation techniques upon each of the themes. As David explains in the liner notes:

Once in the studio, we setup and soundchecked, and then sat to meditate together on the theme of the track we were about to create. All we had was the theme/title as a starting point, plus a key signature and a general indication as to tempo and time signature. I also suggested the ideal duration of each piece of music would be around five to six minutes.

In the studio we set up the sounds and headphone mix so everyone was comfortable, had some scented candles burning then meditated on the theme. Then we improvised in a very gentle fashion with me directing/facilitating small changes as we listened to each take/version. Usually it was the fifth take that we all agreed on almost like a piece waiting to be played! It felt a great privilege/honour to have the opportunity to draw out the essence of these great musicians in a very spiritual and creative environment. In each two-hour session, a new group of musicians would arrive and we would begin the same process again. The feeling in each session was to play something that needed very minimal overdubs (if at all). The overall concept was to keep the recording very intimate, fresh, organic and interactive. I also kept in mind the aim to be able to recreate these pieces easily in concert.

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