Testimonials about David’s workshops

“Thank you for your contribution to the Maryborough conference this year. We were delighted with the conference and have had extremely positive feedback regarding your part in it.  It was a personal highlight for me to meet you and even more extraordinary to find you to be such a delightful person and a true gentleman.”
Mike Tyler | Principal Education Officer (The Arts)   Chair | State Advisory Committee |AMEB Qld    Chair | Federal Board of Directors | AMEB Ltd    Department of Education, Training and Employment

“David provided the audience with a platform to laugh, share, dream and be inspired…..the perfect combination of a showman and a teacher.”
Pete McDonald, Drum manager GH Music

“Thank you again for such a wonderful session last Wednesday. The students were captivated, inspired, motivated, entertained, I could go on! From an educational perspective, your presentation style, and content was engaging and inclusive for all the students, regardless of age, instrument, or ability.  The David Jones Experience was a complete success and we are looking forward to having you back here again soon.” 
Greg Ryan, Head of Percussion, Haileybury

“It was such an honour to have you present your informative an inspiring workshops at Kew High School. The students and staff who attended all commented very positively on various aspects of your presentation. We are all looking forward to having you back for our music camp.”
Dean Matters, Kew High School

“It was such an inspirational performance and talk that you gave our students yesterday. I’ve had so many positive comments from Staff and Students.  We’ll definitely get you back next year!” 
Piet Collins, Music Faculty, Peninsula School

“I found your presentation uplifting and inspirational. Several students commented today that you have given them a new perspective on music and music making.”
Dr Tim Patston, Director of Performing Arts, Peninsula School

“The work David Jones did with my intermediate level stage band was outstanding. He engaged and inspired the students, maintaining their attention an denthusiasm over a full three hour rehearsal. By playing along with the band and picking up all the instrumental cues,David showed both the rhythm and horn sections what they were truly capable of. The day after the workshop, I discovered my durmmer holed up in a practice room with my conductor scores, marking up instrumental cues on his own charts – you can’t ask for much more that that!” 
David Hirst, Camberwell High

“Yesterday we were lucky enough to have been entertained by David Jones. David is a fantastic percussionist who tantalised us by the way he was able to make so many different sounds with so few instruments. The children were asked to join in by making different sounds that blended with those David was making. I must say they got the hang of it pretty quickly and sounded really good. David also asked the children to close their eyes and picture images in their heads that matched the music he was making. David was very entertaining and the children seemed to enjoy all that was going on around them. It was enjoyable to watch them moving and grooving to the different sounds.”
Joanne, Williamstown Primary School

“I like the big drum sticks. I think I will start playing drums. I liked the performance. It was great.”
Student, Grade 4

“The best instrument was the singing bowl. It was so relaxing.”
Student, Grade 3

“David Jones had instruments, a drumkit, a popgun, a shaker, a rain fall. David asked if you can close your eyes and think. I saw monkeys.”
Student, Grade 2