Colours of the Drum

2007 Recording

P7290516Following my first release with ABC Classics (Meditations on Love) I am currently preparing a second CD package Colours of the Drum.  I’m really excited about this new recording as it is solo drums and will contain 2 audio CDs plus a bonus DVD of some of the footage we shot in the studio sessions in May 2007.   There’ll be 90 minutes of music from full-on drum solo flights to very minimalist pieces featuring kalimba, singing bowls and short pieces on one or two of the drums in my kits.

woodstockI used two kits, each tuned to a different mode/scale. I’ve used very little reverb or effects so that the natural sound of the harmonics and colour of the drums and cymbals is very real and natural, and very close as though you are sitting behind the kit.

Recorded at Allan Eaton’s and Woodstock, with the marvellous engineer Robin Mai.  The DVD footage contains some bonus pieces not on the audio.  Released March 2008.

From late November 2007 I will be presenting a solo drum show “Colours of the Drum”.

See some photos in the gallery .