Peace Lounge 2: 3rd Ear

Concert 2 in the Peace Lounge series is on Thursday 1st September 2016 from 8 – 9pm

3rd Ear – 21st Century SonicScapes … Ancient Minds

3rd Ear is a brand new and exciting collaboration between David Jones – drums and prepared percussion, and Evri Evripidou – six string bass and multi-effects.

21st Century SonicScapes ... Ancient Minds Photo credit

21st Century SonicScapes … Ancient Minds Photo credit

Evri’s thoughts on the music:

Time is standing still, a universe of colour and sound is being born.

Thoughts are no longer, waves of bliss are overcoming the mind.

Music is pouring out, forming patterns of sound and texture never experienced before.

The music is playing the musicians…what a wondrous vibe!

David’s thoughts on the music:

We play at a very subtle acoustic level, using electronics that sound acoustic and  acoustic instruments that start to sound electronic!

Out of very deep meditation, the music emerges from our synergy.

It’s challenging to define or even name.  Descriptions and titles are elusive.  For me, the closest descriptions are filmic, narrative through layers of sounds and texture, music for art’s sake, music to take the players and the listeners back to the Source…

3rd Ear’s new CD SonicScapes will be launched at the concert. Image credit David Jones and Euripides Evripidou