Peace Lounge 4: Mini Orchestra

David Jones adds a new string to his bow … well, actually 4 strings.

In a career first, David Jones has added Composing for String Quartet to his list of credits. The David Jones Mini Orchestra is a new concept of String Quartet plus electric bass and drums. This brand new work will be premiered in a concert this Thursday night, the next concert in David’s Peace Lounge series for 2016. David’s composition has gentle power and delicacy as well as a very strong melodic sensibility. Prepare to be taken into worlds of great beauty and musical spaciousness.

David has invited his favourite improvising string players to join him alongside bass master Evri Evripidou. Evri and David have collaborated in many music settings for 16 years and they share a rare simpatico.  They recently launched their new CD 3rd Ear music.

Sarah Curro is a virtuoso violinist with MSO and producer of the inspirational Volume series of specially commissioned concerts. She has a unique vision of combining Art forms and creating uplifting events. Sarah greatly assisted David in writing for strings and scoring for this unique configuration of instruments. It’s a joyful collaboration of musical minds.

Matthew Arnold is a violin and viola player of gifted invention and improvisational power. He draws upon Indian ornamentation and often creates a Celtic atmosphere within  his playing.

Xani Colac plays electric violin and is much loved for her grooving vibrant, original performances with the Twoks. Her joy and enthusiasm fill every note. She just happens to be a really excellent composer and singer as well!

Michael Conolan is an extraordinary cellist with deep roots in classical music as well as being a highly developed exponent of contemporary improvisation.

A string quartet like no other, combining with Evri and David’s bass and drums – sonic bliss.

David Jones, Sarah Curro, Xani Colac, Matthew Arnold, Michael Conolan, Evri Evripidou
David Jones drums and conduction, Sarah Curro violin, Xani Colac electric violin, Matthew Arnold viola, Michael Conolan cello, Evri Evripidou 6 string bass and effects.

This is the first time David has composed for instruments other than drums and percussion, and he’s found a lyrical and harmonic voice that is quite beautiful. David has composed a series of sketches, around which the string players will improvise.

Thursday 15th September

8pm to 9pm

at Grant Street Theatre, Southbank

$25 and $20 concession.  Tickets through Eventbrite.