Sam McNally

sam-mcnallyWhat can I say about my dear friend Sam? He is one of the most dedicated, hard-working musicians I know. He is extremely passionate about producing high quality recordings and live shows. His background is so extensive that I’d need to devote another whole website to him! Suffice to say I played on Sam’s first record release in 1978 called “First Chance” – and Sam has re-released this recording on CD this year, available through Vorticity Records. It was so interesting to revisit my own playing from that time (’78) and hear how much my own “distinct voice” was already formed at age 19. In 1980 and 1981 Sam and I toured and recorded with John Farnham. Tommy Emmanuel was also in John’s rock band of the time, and played on Sam’s “First Chance” album too. We were also part of a fantastically memorable tour with Stevie Wonder in 1981. An amazing rocking time-period for me.

Since then, Sam and I have played many shows together. Sometimes I’ve come in as guest drummer, or as a band member. I’m featured on all of Sam’s CD recordings, one of which is a live recording at the Basement, Sydney Australia.