2008 Highlights

AUDW -Australian Ultimate Drummers Weekend!
July 26-27, 2008
David featured in concert and workshop at the AUDW, celebrating its 16th year as an international festival. Including guest drummers such as Mike Mangini, Horatio Hernandez, Billy Ward, Clayton Cameron, Michael Barker, Bruce Aitken, Mark Schulman, and Lucius Boriche.

Warburton Arts Centre, Warburton VIC
June 28, 2008
Light of the moon concert! Ambient groove music at its finest and most inspiring- magical music from around the world!!
David Jones- drums/percussion
Michael Johnson- harp
Megan Kenny- flute
Evripides Evripidou- bass
Matthew Arnold- violin

Box Hill Community Arts Centre, Box Hill VIC
June 14, 2008

David Jones with guests Fiona Burnett and Carmen Warrington.
Two one-hour sets of sublime music and sounds. MUSIC BY DESIGN and the HOUR OF NECTAR!!
Three special artists-2 beautiful projects.Guaranteed that you will float home transformed, soothed and inspired.
David Jones- drum kit/Tibetan and Japanese bowls/gongs/African Kalimba/bells and chimes etc.
Carmen Warrington- heavenly vocals and guided meditations. Also Tibetan and Japanese bowls.
Fiona Burnett– soprano saxophone and celestial vibration
See the Boite website for more details.

Powerhouse Visy Theatre, Brisbane QLD
June 7, 2008

COLOURS OF THE DRUM- Presented by Access Drumming and David Jones
To celebrate the release of the double CD/DVD package through ABC Classics — available now in ABC stores
All ages event. A spectacular show, both visually and musically. David has a full drum kit laid out in pieces on the floor in a half Moon shape. He then plays individual parts of the kit, as musical pieces, assembling as he goes…quite theatrical and beautiful use of each individual drum and cymbal. This builds to the whole drumkit being used alongside of Tibetan and Japanese healing bowls, African Kalimba and assorted percussion.

Majestic Theatre Pomona, Sunshine Coast QLD
June 6, 2008

COLOURS OF THE DRUM- David Jones solo concert plus guests
To celebrate the release of the double CD/DVD package through ABC Classics — available now in ABC stores
David Jones- drums
Jason Bray-drums/percussion
Klare Kuolga- voice and bass
Tom O’Kelly- Timpani
This will be a concert to remember — vibrant powerful subtle and very very musical and melodic drumming. Continuous wonderful rhythm and sounds! Check the Majestic Theatre website.

Kingston Arts Centre, Morrabin VIC
May 18, 2008
David Jones and Om project- 2 p.m. concert and also 6 p.m. concert.
80 minutes/no interval. Original grooving ambient music full of vitality!
David Jones- exotic drums/percussion inclu. Kalimba and Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls
Sam McNally (Sydney)- masterful keyboards
Lucinda Peters (Melbourne)- acoustic bass and divine vocals
Evripides Evripidou (Melbourne)-unbelievable on six string electric bass and synth
This is a unique group. beautiful venue, great sound and lighting — perfect concert atmosphere. All ages welcome. The only Melbourne concerts for this project. Don’t miss this one.! All the four composers and leaders in their own right– bringing wonderful original compositions. See Kingston Arts Centre website (whats on/world) for more details.

Bennetts Lane, Melbourne VIC
May 12 2008

ABC Classics CD launch of ‘Under the Tall Trees’.
Imogen Manins- Cello
Tony Gould -Piano
David Jones -Percussion
Absolutely gorgeous music -original and semiclassical with improvised sections. Open, spacious and full of beauty.

GCC Hall, Geelong VIC
May 9, 2008

Geelong Drumania Festival
75 minute concert no interval- as part of drum mania festival. Please go to The Music Den for extra details. David has just returned from Canada/Cape Breton Drumming Festival on a high! David will use two drum kits with different tunings- one kit spread in pieces on the floor which David will play while assembling it… a unique show- drumming/African Kalimba/Tibetan and Japanese bowls “from whisper to roar”.

Music Den, Geelong VIC
May 4 2008
Guest appearance by David Jones at Drumania- Geelong’s biggest drumming event! 2 p.m. public workshop on main stage and 3:30 p.m. short solo performance. Check The Music Den for details on the whole festival!

Cape Breton International Drum Festival
Nova Scotia, Canada
April 26-27, 2008

The Year of the Classics.
David was featured as a soloist alongside many drumming luminaries. Check out the festival website- www.cbdrumfest.ca

Darwin Entertainment Centre, Darwin NT
Apr 20, 2008

David Jones and Tom O’Kelly soloists with the Darwin Symphony Orchestra.
David will be playing the drum concerto for drum kit and orchestra written by Watanabe of Tokyo.
For full program and other details, please go to the Darwin Symphony Orchestra website

CDU- Casuarina Campus Theatre, Darwin NT

April 13-14, 2008
An open drums and percussion masterclass given by  David Jones and Tom O’Kelly (percussion and timpani), from which some of the participants will be invited to play in the 5 p.m. concert!
Then, master percussionists David Jones and Tom O’Kelly will perform a duo concert (featuring participants from the day’s workshops). A drumming and percussive delight!

Chapel off Chapel, Prahan VIC
March 16-17, 2008

“COLOURS OF THE DRUM”- Double CD/Bonus DVD Launch
David Jones playing completely SOLO DRUMS
Two drumkits, one spread in pieces on the floor in half moon shape and then played individually as musical pieces and assembled
David will bring out the best in four young up-and-coming drummers from the Masterclass for the performances, playing an original composition of David’s and a sketched improvisation. The finale will be all five drummers playing together
Definitely an amazing and inspiring spectacle of melodic and dynamic drumming.

Brahma Kumaris Meditation Retreat Centre, South Frankston VIC
March 8-9, 2008

One night stay over retreat to restore peace and a sense of well-being and purpose. We all need timeout to reflect, restore balance and develop a new perspective. This retreat will focus on basic meditation and simple practical knowledge as the means to maintain peace. It will be beneficial for beginners as well as experienced meditators.be refreshed in the company of honourable spiritually minded men. facilitated by musician and longtime meditator, David Jones. Also other guest facilitators. Check it out at  www.brahmakumaris.com.au

Drumtek Drummers Headquarters, Melbourne VIC
March 1, 2008
Two hour masterclass/workshop at Drumtek. David’s first public workshop in 10 years- in Melbourne!! A rare opportunity. All details and poster on Drumtek website.

Federation Square, Melbourne City VIC
January 21 2008

DRUM ON DRUM OZ! 400 drummers and fireworks-



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