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He is phenomenal, nobody else can do what David does with the drums – it’s amazing.
James Morrison

David Jones is, in my opinion, one of the greatest, most natural, musicians on the planet.  His musicianship is mesmerising and captivating – I’ve always felt he was in a class of his own.
Tommy Emmanuel

“It is rare in the percussion industry to meet someone whose personality and artistic talent are equaled … at the highest standard. David is: entertaining, powerful, articulate, creative, positive, dedicated, humorous, humble, explosive, sensitive, serene. He contributes highly to Art and Humanity. Musically, always expect the unexpected! All this embodied in the person and artist of David Jones.”
Dom Famularo, USA/International Drum Clinician and Education Director, 1997


“David Jones is unique and marvellous.”
Jim Chapin, author of “Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer”, 1997


“… the supreme percussionist in ideas and execution.”
Jim McLeod, 24 Hours Magazine, 1997


[Dom Famularo’s performance]”… included a duet with David Jones that was one of those once-in-a-lifetime magic moments.”
Paul Matcott, DrumScene, 1996

“… extended drum solo was another tour de force of musicality, clowning and full-frontal virtuosity. His staggering facility was also employed to subtle and beautiful effect on the gentle numbers, showing that implying ideas is as much a part of his armoury as beating them into submission.”
John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald, 1996

“I think he is taking drumming to another level. What he has done with his concept of time and being able to feel perfectly … five over two or this over that … it’s not just check out this polyrhythm, it’s the music is written with polyrhythms in mind. He was astounding today.”
Rod Morgenstein, USA drum legend, DrumScene, 1996

“David Jones … is an object lesson for all. He plays with amazing facility from a totally relaxed attitude of mind and body. Australia has never produced a finer musician in my opinion.”
Don Burrows, Australia’s jazz luminary – the First 50 Years Album, 1995

“A performance by Jones is as remarkable visually as aurally. He looks as natural, as right, playing the drums, as Miles Davis did playing his horn, or as Luciano Pavarotti does singing. The sticks move in fluid circular motions, striking glancing blows on cymbals and drums, drawing out the warmest resonances.”

John Shand, Australasian Jazz and Blues Magazine, 1995

“David Jones is one of those technically exceptional drummers.”
David Lands, Jazz Journal, UK 1995

“… innovative, borderless … progressive music in its most thoroughly organic state, an aural vacation you will never forget.”
Anil Prasad, i/e Magazine, 1994

“… a prodigious wall of sound embracing an uncanny sense of space and time.”

Joya Jensen, Soundscapes, 1994

“The level of virtuosity … lies in that layer of the stratosphere called ‘unbelievable’.”
Gail Brennan, Sydney Morning Herald, 1992

“… we have the makings of one of the greatest drummers the world is ever going to see. David Jones … is possibly the finest drummer I’ve ever heard.”
Will Dower, Modern Drummer, 1984

“At Montreux, David Jones displayed all the qualities one associates with Humair and Favre: total control, wit and humour, full dynamic range from heavy and loud to gentle and subtle, swing, showmanship, drive and power – and a few other things derived from his rock background which Humair and Favre do not possess. With sharply attentive ears, Jones was alive to every new situation as it arose. Always smiling … David Jones was without doubt one of the most interesting drummers to be found in Europe this summer.”
Niranjan Jhaveri, Montreux Concert Review, 1983



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