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“An amazing performance by this internationally renowned drummer and percussionist.
We, the capacity audience, were bathed in a Multisensory Immersion of sounds, vibrations, rhythms, colour and light; from time to time, we were engaged in producing sounds and rhythms as part of the performance.
Instruments introduced by David were drawn from most of the continents of the world and also included an amazing array of adapted sticks and other instruments
Tibetan & Indian Healing Bowls were used to provide a range of resonances that were reminiscent of the Meditation & Music event that David performed for CPX/Deloitte, at Deloitte offices, on 15 Dec 2010
Light sticks were also used to provide another level of sensory stimulation/immersion in the room that was darkened to accentuate the effect.
Overall, an amazing demonstration of sensory enrichment by David, who is clearly a leader in the world of music and sensory stimulation. We’re proud to have him in our CPX community.”
Peter Spence (CPX)

“David’s playing is a sight to behold…..he has incredible facility and what is even more amazing is the unique way of interpreting classic drum licks from the great masters to make them his own. If you have a chance to see him perform or buy his DVD, do it. You won’t regret it.”

“Dear Bill [editor for Modern Drummer],
I’m writing to make a recommendation for whatever it is worth. I recently performed at the Cape Breton Drum Festival. What I always enjoy is making new friends and discovery great drummers/percussionists that I have never heard. One such discovery was David Jones from Australia. He left all of us with our jaws open (Carmine, Liberty, Dom, Alan White, myself)”

“…regarding a wonderful discovery at the Cape Breton Festival this year. (You probably know of him already). His name is David Jones and he is from Australia…. this cat has chops we all envy, but what sets him apart is how he uses them. His performance at festival left all of us: Carmine, Liberty, Dom and myself mesmerized”
Danny Seraphine (drummer for Chicago)


“You have achieved what I thought was unachievable on the drum kit – very high level of musicality, dense but dynamic phrasing that one does not get tired of, with and seemingly perfect time and the objective clearly on the music, not the ego. I am blown away.
I hope we can play together sometime! Thanks and best wishes~Ed”

Ed Mann (percussionist on 50 of Frank Zappa’s albums)

“I recently had the great pleasure to perform at the Cape Breton International Drum Festival along with some great and famous drummers, including Liberty Devito, Alan White, Danny Seraphine, Uriel Jones and Carmine Appice. It was a “legends” themed Festival but there were also some talented and less known younger drummers as well. On the last day of the event and a drummer from Australia by the name of David Jones came out and performed the most incredible solo performance and clinic that I have seen in a very long time.
“David play drums incredibly, with an amazingly fluid technique, a precise and light touch, and a calm and peaceful manner that belies the strength and endurance that resides below the surface. He also plays other sound sources such as meditation bowls in his performance.
“I must say he held the whole audience, including myself and all the other well known drummers in nothing less than a trance. When he was done, he received a well deserved standing ovation.
“On my way back stage with the other drummers I realized that David had literally put me in a place I did not want leave just yet, and so when I did get backstage I decided that I wanted, and needed, to go to a private room and be with myself for a few moments to sustain the experience internally and to think on what I had just heard. It was a spiritual experience.
“When I left the room to join the others, literally all the other drummers were standing around David and congratulating him on his performance. But it was more than a performance and that is why all the drummers were reacting as they were. It was nothing less than a spiritual experience and they knew they had just witnessed and felt something that is all too rare: to be truly transported by the power of the drum when it comes from a place of such deep intention as it does with David Jones.”
Michael Shrieve (original drummer for Santana)


“David, it was a pleasure to meet you and to listen to you play… you have taken the drumset to a new level, physically and spiritually. Thank you. You can use my words and I will speak to them if you like… Anything for my new favourite drummer!!!! -Li”
Liberty DeVitto (drummer for Billy Joel)

“It was great seeing you play and talking to you …you were amazing never saw anyone do what you did on a set… keep rockin”
Carmine Appice Jr (drummer for Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, and Vanilla Fudge)-


“Of all the drummers I’ve had the pleasure to see and meet  David Jones is one of a small group of very special and unique visionaries of rhythm and sound. With his musicality and spiritual being ,he encompasses all that is good about music and people, he touches deeply the inner soul and vibe that is music and life itself. His mere being is enough to make you look at your self and dig deeper. A guiding light in this crazy world we live in , there are two types of drummers, David Jones and every one else”.
Bruce Aitken (international drummer and Director for Cape Breton Drum Festival)-

“I am more impressed with your playing now that ever! You have always inspired me. You have now reached a place of pure expression and you are one with the universe! Pure drumming magic!”
Dom Famularo (international drummer, ‘Global Drumming Ambassador’) 


“You are a divine artist and I am in complete awe of your work.
I want to thank you for genuinely inspiring me with your talents and skills. I have been really enjoying your CD. It is exactly what I needed after all that wonderful rhythmical stimulation from the festival.
I just ordered you new CD/DVD, I can not wait to immerse myself in the beauty of your rhythms”
Pamela Lynn (Canadian-born international world percussionist/vocalist)-

“What a privilege to have met you David and to behold your enlighteneing ministry of musical genius. Very uplifting to say the least”
Tania Robin (New Zealand dancer and Maori Artist)


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