The Wellbeing Orchestra at Wangaratta Festival

The Wellbeing Orchestra with David Jones

Saturday 4 November 2017 | 2.30pm – 4.00pm
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A totally immersive experience of Singing bowls, Gongs and Bells from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Led by percussionist David Jones, students of the VCA/MCM will create waves of pure, otherworldly tones and meditative calmness; a sonic treat. David Jones is Honorary Senior Fellow at VCA /Melbourne Uni and an internationally acclaimed Master drummer/educator.

The Wellbeing Orchestra is the innovation of Dr. Rob Vincs, Head of VCA jazz and improvisation and has become 2 x 2 hr weekly classes on the transformative nature of pure tones, deep listening, investigation of consciousness and promotion of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. One of the classes includes Melbourne Uni students majoring in a variety of disciplines other than music.

Appearances of David and the students are kindly sponsored by Victorian College of the Arts/Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

This event is Free. Booking is essential as numbers strictly limited.  Please call the gallery on 03 5722 0865  or Book Now

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