David Jones Mini Orchestra September 1st at MRC at 4pm

Evocative meeting of world music, jazz and classical elements.

David is bringing the David Jones Mini Orchestra to the Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre for 1 show only on 1st September at 4pm.

It will be a musical sojourn into tone, texture stillness and groove.

This is an exciting Ensemble comprised of String quartet, bass and drums, with original compositions and improvisation concepts composed by David Jones and arranged by the MSO’s Sarah Curro.

Sarah Curro is unavailable for this concert and David is delighted to welcome the wonderful Jenny Thomas.

David Jones – drums and musical direction/conduction
Jenny Thomas – lead violin
Xani Kolac– electric violin
Matthew Arnold – viola
Michael Conolan-cello
Evri Evripidou – 6 string bass and effects

Here’s what people say about the David Jones Mini Orchestra:
“… was surprised how well the string quartet blended with the ‘modern’ Drums and Bass!”
“So soothing and yet powerful”
“So refreshing to hear a string quartet with improvised sections and groove!”

Concert Duration: 1 hour (no interval)

This concert is set in-the-round. Seating in the Salon is general admission.

Standard $30 ($25 Concession)

Tickets to 4pm concert

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and David Jones Drums

Jenny Thomas (lead violin) is a classically trained soloist who has studied the intricacies of Indian Karnatic styles. She leads her own projects, sometimes as singer/songwriter, and is a strong personality and presence, a great performer. www.sonicbids.com/band/jennymthomas/

Xani Kolac (electric violin) is the epitome of a contemporary artist who just happens to play electric violin. Another singer-songwriter and electronic artist using loops and extended techniques, she is so melodic and creative. Her fiery musical voice brings excitement to the Mini Orchestra.  xanikolac.com

Matthew Arnold (viola) – plays viola and violin with equal strength and improvises fluently on both. His tone is rich and has the added magic of Celtic and Indian embellishments.

Michael Conolan (cello) plays the cello like no-one else. He started as an electric guitarist and started to hear cello-like sounds that could not be produced from his original instrument. His perception of texture, tone and harmonics sets him apart.

Evri Evripidou (bass and effects) is a maestro of the 6-string bass, and orchestrator of electronic effects. A composer and producer, and one of the world’s greatest bass players, he is widely experienced in everything from hard-core funk right through to gossamer-like ambient music. Interacting with David’s leadership, Evri combines the acoustic nature of the string quartet with the groove and rhythmic sensibility of the Mini Orchestra.

David Jones (drumkit) is the founder/artistic director of the Mini Orchestra. A catalyst of energy, David is the glue that melds all the instruments and compositions into a wholistic expression. An exciting, engaging performer, David is nothing short of mesmerising.

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